There were the dark ages, renaissance, industrialism and now we are in the age of communication. It has never been easier to contact someone wherever that person may be. You can even send an E-mail with your mobile from the top of Mount Everest. Or via Inmarsat from a ship anywhere on the Oceans.

The most common mode of communication with me is via E-mail. I check my inboxes several times every day. I do not use Skype or any of the other instant messaging or chat services as I don’t want to lose concentration during work. In case of need for urgent communication I have a fax, and my mobile phone is always there to receive SMS messages. Just remember that my time zone is GMT +2 (GMT +3 during the daylight saving period).


Phone / Fax: +972 4 993 22 20
Mobile / SMS: +972 52 545 57 92